About Us

Compassionate Hearts on the Bellarine (CHoB) is a Compassionate Community. This means that at times of crisis and loss, care for one another is everyone’s responsibility. It is not a task solely for health and social service. Compassionate Communities are based on the concept that dying is a social, psychological and spiritual experience with medical dimensions, not a medical experience with social, psychological and spiritual dimensions. This term was coined by well renowned sociologist and former Geelong resident, Professor Alan Kellahear  
Living with a serious illness can be difficult for both client and carers. It can be hard to do ordinary, everyday things, for example think about appointments or juggle the demands of caring for a loved one. Compassionate Hearts on the Bellarine offers free social and practical support to people living with palliative care needs who wish to remain in their homes and their carers. Our support can continue on after the death of a loved one, remaining in touch with some of our carers, who we have come to know and support. We pay tribute to Shannon’s Bridge (based in Creswick, Victoria) as our guide in establishing this type of community support.  

Vision, Mission and Values Statement



To support people on the Bellarine through times of illness, dying, grief and loss.


To train volunteers to provide assistance and support to people with a life-limiting illness, and their carers.

To educate our communities around illness, dying, grief and loss.


Compassion through kindness, respect and dignity.